Introducing myself

Hi everybody. My name is Ali (not the gull, I meant the guy behind the lens and behind this website) and I’m from Austria (not the continent with the kangaroos, the county between Germany and Hungary). English is my third language and I learned English in the last two years. So please excuse me if I make some grammatical mistakes. I’m working really hard to speak and write better.

I was born in Germany. After a 9-year stopover in Turkey, I came to Austria. I live here since 1993. My daily  job is to answering emails, writing some lines of unspectacular computer code and writing customer bills.

But… in my free time, I’m a lion (roar). I create cryptographic puzzles under a secret identity (a very popular puzzle creator), I play piano with my kids and enjoy the life. Oh, and I HODL XRP! 😉

If you have a question, please feel free to ask me.

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Love and peace,
your XRPuzzler (Ali)

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