Is XRPuzzler trustworthy?

Solving a puzzle without a reward is not exciting. Therefore I will reward my puzzle solvers with some XRP (what is XRP?). The reward amount should not be too less, but not too high. As a HODLER I do not like to give all my XRP away. Maybe a little bit. So I need some sponsors to make it happen.

Well, sponsors of such kind of puzzles have the dilemma to trusting online persons. Who are they, what want they? Are they scammers? No one knows!

The problem I’m facing is to find some sponsors who are willing to spend some XRP for the puzzles which will be loaded up to a specific puzzle wallet. Each puzzle will have their own wallet and will used once.

But in the nature of this kind of puzzle, the creator should be the only person who knows the family seed (secret key, sXXXXXXXX) of this wallet. So how you can trust me your XRP as a Sponsor?

The best method (in this case) to be a trustworthy person is to be a verified Ripple XRP-Validator. In this verification process you must be the owner of a domain. Here my personal domain I own. I have a verified XRP-Validator on the main net. You can visit my (mini) validator by visiting the following link.

But is this enough? May be yes, maybe not.

If you are willing to sponsor a puzzle and spend some XRP, please let me know.

Update: My experimental RockPro64 XRP-Validator ( is since Saturday 22 September offline. This little RockPro64 had (sadly) not the resources to deliver the expected validations. (Maybe I’ll go online with a better hardware configuration later)

Love and peace,
your XRPuzzler (Ali)

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