Monetize your content with is a San Francisco based start-up with a great idea behind their service. The days of creating content for nothing is over. Everyone who create content can profit from now on. And the greatest feature is that you don’t need to sell your content or try to find customers witch will pay for your single post.

How this will work? Users which sign up for Coil will pay a fixed monthly amount for a subscription. When they visit a supported website (WM-Site, web monetized site) they will donate to the creator on their behalf.

With an active Coil subscription, we pay a donation to websites that you visit. The more time you spend on a website the more we donate. –

Getting great content on the web takes a lot of effort and we want great content to get recognized and supported. So, content creators keep creating. –

No sooner said than done! I monetize this website and my other content from now on. This is the best reason to create content. Let’s make the web richer! This is the future of IOV (internet of value).

You can start monetize today following with;

  • your Websites and Blogs (you need to add a small piece of Javascript)
  • your YouTube channel

Let us see what the future brings… 😉


Love and peace,
your XRPuzzler (Ali)

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