Every game has it’s own rules. XRPuzzler puzzles have also rules.

Important puzzle rules;

  1. Every puzzle is free to join for anyone. Don’t pay for the puzzles nor for their solutions.
  2. My puzzles are sponsored by some community users. I will mention the sponsors in my puzzles. So give a thank you to the sponsors and feel free to follow my sponsors on twitter or other social media channels.
  3. Every puzzle is carefully created and tested before published. There is a solution to solve the puzzle. Don’t ask me for the solution!
  4. The puzzle solvers are free to publish the puzzle solutions after solving a puzzle. I will not publish solutions for unsolved or ended puzzles. It is possible to use the same sort of puzzle for a later creation.
  5. Every puzzle will rewarded with XRP. The solution will be the secret-key (sXXXXXXXXX) of a XRP-Wallet which is loaded up with some XRP.
  6. I will be the one and only person who knows the solution and the secret-key of the XRP-Wallet of a puzzle.
  7. Solvers are free to take all the XRP in this wallet as the reward or send it to the next puzzle wallet.
  8. The puzzle wallet is activated with 20 XRP. The Base Reserve is a minimum amount of XRP that is required for every address in the ledger. Currently, this is 20 XRP. You cannot take the last 20 XRP from this wallet.
  9. Do not use a solved puzzle wallet as your own. Take your XRP and send it to a safe wallet immediately. We accept no liability for stolen or lost funds.
  10. No one knows who or how many people are working on a puzzle and who solved a puzzle. The puzzle solvers are 100% anonymous. So don’t ask me about the number of persons or the identity of a solver.
  11. No cash disbursement and/or an replacement of the prizes is possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted.
  12. Every puzzle will have a countdown timer (see below). At the end of the countdown, the puzzle reward will be transferred to the next puzzle wallet if not already solved and taken (except the 20 XRP reserve).

  13. Puzzles cannot be rewarded after the expired countdown.
  14. I reserve the right to prematurely end a puzzle (for whatever reason). The XRP will be returned to the sponsors or sent to the next puzzle wallet.
  15. Sponsors donate voluntarily into a puzzle wallet. A return is not possible after the donation.

Good to know;

  • My puzzles have different hardness grades from 1 to 10. The easiest puzzle is rated with 1 (one) and the hardest is rated with 10 (ten)! A puzzle with a 10-rating is nearly impossible to solve. I will (hopefully) publish a 10-rating puzzle with a huge reward.
  • Everyone can be a sponsor. You do not need to be a XRP millionaire. A minimum donation beginning from 200 XRP is enough to be a sponsor. The limit for a sponsor is the sky.
  • Do you want to sponsor a puzzle? So write me a email ( or send me a DM (Twitter
  • Everyone can donate to a puzzle wallet without being a sponsor. Do it for the xrpcommunity.

I create all these puzzles without a fee or expectation. I need for a good puzzle time and creativity. It would be great from you to make a little donation via XRPtipbot ( or via