XRP Tip Bot Button for Twitter

Thanks @wietsewind and the great idea behind the XRP Tip Bot we all are able to give other community users (Twitter, reddit, Discord) a XRP tip.

My part is a really small one. I’m a part time programmer and a XRP enthusiast. It was time to give this great community a little love back. Helping the community to spread the good work (and of course, some XRP) is the best way.

The Chrome Browser Extension “XRP Tip Bot Button for Twitter” will soon available on the Chrome store. (I have a little bug but it is nothing important)

You can download the Chrome Webextension here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xrp-tip-bot-button-for-tw/fnmpcddocdpokcbhacilehjamopmoaeo


Some screens




You will find the XRP Tip Bot button between the like and message button


You can configure your default tip amount and your default message.


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